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Supplier of cables for Toronto & Markham including: Cat 5e, Cat 6, Fiber Optic, Audio Video, DVI, USB, firewire and much more!

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Access Technolgies Inc. is a Canadian based supplier of computer network cables, accessories and connectivity products. We are located in Markham Ontario and we supply products throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

We specialize in Cat 5e cables, Cat 6 cables, fiber optic cables, audio video (a/v) cables, DVI cables and adapter, component video cables, SCSI cables, USB cables, keyboard and mouse cables, firewire (IEEE 1394) cables and much, much more! 

We strive for the highest levels of customer satisfaction by offering quality products at competitive prices. Resellers, VARs, dealers, computer OEMs, government agencies and school boards are welcome to contact us to set up accounts and received preferred pricing.

Toronto and Markham's number one supplier of Network Cables:
We specialize in suppling Computer Cables:
We also specialize in cabling for your home theatre entertainment needs:

At Access Technologies, servicing our customers is our number one goal. We understand our customers' needs and work together with them to meet those needs.

Access Technologies Inc. is your number one source for cables in Toronto, Markham and the Great Toronto Area (GTA).

Fiber Optic Cables

Cat 6 Cables
Cat 5e Cables
Audio / Video Cables

RGB Cables - Markham and Toronto Canada
RGB Cables for your home theatre

Component Video Cables

Component video cable - Markham and Toronto Canada
Component Cables for your home theatre

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